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Developer(s) ClearHealth Inc.
Initial release October 24, 2005 (2005-10-24) (1.0RC2)[1]

3.0  (June 22, 2010; 12 years ago (2010-06-22))

Preview release none [±]
Written in PHP
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Laboratory informatics software
License(s) GNU Public License v3.0

ClearHealth was open-source practice management, electronic medical record, and medical billing software.

Product history

ClearHealth has its origins in both the VistA software system originally developed by the Veterans Health Administration and the OpenEHR project, specifically through the efforts of ClearHealth's CEO David Uhlman and his colleagues.[2]. Uhlman worked as CTO for the OpenEHR project from 2001 to 2003, moving to ClearHealth as its CEO in 2003. Version 1.0, release candidate one was released on May 16, 2005 at the 2005 TEPR (Towards an Electronic Patient Record) conference.[3] Release candidate two was released in October of that year[1], though it's not certain if an actual stable production-worthy release of 1.0 was ever released.[4]

Version 2.0 was officially released on September 14, 2007, adding improved integration for electronic prescriptions, enhanced electronic labs support, and an extensive referral management module.[5] Version 2.2 arrived on May 2, 2008, bringing with it support for PDF templates, Adobe LiveCycle support for forms, and visualization support.[6][7]

A developer version of "Community Version 3.0" was apparently released in mid-2010[8], though it's not publicly clear if work is continuing on the software. After several years of inactivity, an update was made to the project's GitHub page in late January 2013, though it's not clear if a new release version is available.[9]

As of May 2021, this project is considered to be abandoned or discontinued.


Features of ClearHealth included[10]:

  • full featured scheduling and calendars
  • full featured patient registration
  • extensive electronic medical record (EMR) functionality
  • reporting
  • billing
  • barcode support
  • data export
  • specialty modules
  • HL7/CCR integration

Hardware/software requirements

Installation requirements were unknown.

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