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Foswiki logo.png
Developer(s) Foswiki development team
Initial release January 9, 2009 (2009-01-09)(1.0.0)[1]
Stable release

2.1.8  (August 6, 2022; 18 months ago (2022-08-06))

Preview release 2.1.5 RC  (January 9, 2017; 7 years ago (2017-01-09)) [±]
Written in JavaScript, Perl
Operating system Cross-platform
Available in Multi-lingual
Type Wiki software
License(s) GNU General Public License v2.0

Foswiki is free open-source wiki and collaboration software that acts as an application platform for web-based applications. The "fos" in "Foswiki" stands for "free and open-source," emphasizing the developers' commitment to open-source software.

Product history

Foswiki began as a fork of the TWiki project and was launched in October 2008[2] when a dispute about the future direction of TWiki could not be settled, resulting in the decision of nearly all key TWiki contributors to fork.[3][4][5][6] On January 9, 2009, a 1.0.0 version of Foswiki was released by the development team.[1] Work continued steadily on the project through 2011, adding functionality and fixing bugs up to version 1.1.4, released on December 20, 2011.[1] However, the release cycle slowed in 2012, with only one release (1.1.5) occurring as of November 2012.

Since the fork occurred in 2008, code bases have diverged significantly. However, Foswiki continues to maintain compatibility with content written for TWiki.


Features of Foswiki include[7]:

  • e-mail support and integration
  • form management
  • WYSIWYG text editing interface
  • document management
  • user-based access
  • built-in query tools
  • multiple data views
  • version control
  • customizable interface
  • multi-language support
  • extensibility

Hardware/software requirements

Server installation requirements for Foswiki include:

  • Perl 5.8.8 or higher
  • RCS 5.7 or higher with GNU diff 2.7 or higher (optional)
  • fgrep, egrep, and cron or a cron equivelant
  • a supported web server

For more details, see the installation guide.

Videos, screenshots, and other media

  • Numerous videos demoing Foswiki can be found on the Foswiki site.
  • Screenshots from 2009 can be found on Flickr.

Entities using Foswiki

Examples of entities using Foswiki include[8]:

ARM, Motorola; Mystic Coders LLC ; Pioneer Investments Management Ltd; Qbranch Stockholm AB; Spitzer Space Telescope Infrared Spectrograph; Taxonomy Research & Information Network; Testo AG ; The Paul Scherrer Institute; University of Minnesota

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