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Web address
Commercial? Yes
Registration Optional
Available in English
Users 73,000+
Content license
Owner LabLynx, Inc.
Created by John Jones et al.
Launched October 17, 2007; 16 years ago (2007-10-17)[1]
Alexa rank
increase 9,929,486 (Global 09/2015)

LIMSforum (sometimes referenced as is a laboratory-, medical-, and science informatics-themed web portal created by LabLynx, Inc.[2] and a community group previously hosted on professional social networking website LikedIn, and later launched as a separate community with added resources such as training courses, apps and less restrictive inter-member communications and information sharing.[3] As of November 2015, the website functions as a web portal with access to a variety of industry content, including scientific and general knowledge, newsletters, blogs, online courses, news, job postings, and a product marketplace.[4]


On October 17, 2007, LabLynx, Inc.'s affiliated Laboratory Informatics Institute (LII) announced the domain, which redirected to a moderated, Google-hosted open-access discussion group on laboratory informatics.[1] The domain name pointed to that forum until a change was announced on August 11, 2009, stating that the forum would switch hosts from Google to LinkedIn, identified "as the premier social network for scientific professionals ... for the purpose of collaboration and professional networking."[3] Sometime in January or February 2015, the domain name shifted again to point to a web portal separate from LinkedIn, hosted by the LII.[5] However, the LinkedIn group retained the name LIMSforum, and the discussions from LinkedIn continued to be fed to the LIMSforum web portal via API.

On October 6, 2015, group moderator John Jones announced LIMSforum would be moving from LinkedIn to a new site, citing "planned changes that will make this group unworkable" from the LinkedIn platform.[6][7] The forum moved to the web portal hosted at the domain, though users can still log in to post using their LinkedIn credentials.

Website content

As of October 2015, the web portal hosts the following content, some of it fed into it from other sites[2]:

  • user directory
  • blog feed
  • open-access journal articles
  • online courses
  • feeds to 14 different industry wiki-based knowledge bases
  • new LIMSforum discussion posts
  • archived LinkedIn-based LIMSforum discussion posts
  • archived and current version of the Laboratory Informatics Weekly Update newsletter
  • news feed
  • bid opportunities
  • job opportunities
  • Amazon-based product marketplace


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