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Developer(s) SalesAgility Ltd.
Initial release November 4, 2013 (2013-11-04)[1]
Stable release

7.12.7  (August 16, 2022; 3 months ago (2022-08-16))

Written in PHP
Operating system Cross-platform
Type Customer relationship management software
License(s) GNU Affero General Public License v3

SuiteCRM is a web-based, open-source customer relationship management (CRM) application developed by SalesAgility Ltd. The software is a fork of the old SugarCRM Community Edition software and is heavily supported by SalesAgility. A professional version called SuiteASSURED is separately maintained and made available with "extensive support, indemnities, warranties, and performance guarantees."[2]

Product history

SuiteCRM started out as British company SalesAgility's attempt to improve the open-source Community Edition of SugarCRM, largely through its Advanced OpenSales (AOS) open-source suite of modules for Sugar CE.[3][4] Originally part of its consulting work for individual customers, SalesAgility began offering its SuiteCRM solution—Sugar CE + AOS—in roughly 2012.[3][4] However, by mid- to late 2013, SalesAgility anticipated that no more updates to Sugar CE would be arriving before 2014[5] (with SugarCRM publicly confirming in February 2014 the end of its CE[6]) and announced that it would be producing SuiteCRM as a stand-alone open-source alternative to SugarCRM Professional Edition[7], with SugarCRM CE as the base forked material[8]:

There are no 'Commercial Open Source' editions, the entire core application is open source and free to download. We believe that open source drives innovation and that the development model will make development faster, applications more secure and less buggy, and the community more responsive to user needs.[7]

SuiteCRM reportedly attracted around 2,500 sign-ups within its first week of availability.[8] A version 7.0.1 first appeared on SourceForge on November 4, 2013[1], followed by an appearance on GitHub on November 23.[9] Updates to the software have remained steady since.

In September 2015, InfoWorld gave SuiteCRM its Bossie Award for being among the "best open source applications."[10]

In June 2017, SalesAgility announced SuiteASSURED, a custom, separately maintained version of SuiteCRM "designed for organisations who operate compliance driven environments or who require additional software assurances or intellectual property warranties that are not provided with SuiteCRM."[11]


An extensive feature list can be found on the website.

Hardware/software requirements

The software can be installed on Linux or Windows. A full list or prerequisites can be found in the SuiteCRM documentation.

Videos, screenshots, and other media

  • Demonstration videos of SuiteCRM can be found on YouTube.
  • A demo of SuiteCRM can be found here.

Entities using SuiteCRM

Further reading

External links

  • SuiteCRM on GitHub
  • SuiteCRM help forum
  • SuiteCRM is also available on SourceForge. However, use caution when downloading and installing from there; the install package may contain undesirable add-on software.


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