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Agfa HealthCare NV
Type Naamloze vennootschap
Industry Health informatics
Laboratory informatics
Headquarters Septestraat 27
, Belgium
Area served Worldwide
Parent Agfa-Gevaert Group

Agfa HealthCare NV develops and distributes integrated software solutions, as well as diagnostic imaging and contracting solutions for the healthcare industry.


In December 2019, Agfa announced that it had plans to sell a chunk of its clinical IT business, with the Dedalus Group interested in purchasing it.[1] The sale was finalized on May 5, 2020, with Dedalus Group acquiring the "German, French, Austrian, Swiss and Brazilian activities related to clinical, diagnostic and hospital management software (HCIS) and related to IT imaging systems (PACS-RIS of radiology, cardiology, etc.) for a total enterprise value of €975 million."[2] This included the acquisition of Agfa HealthCare's ORBIS, Hexalis, and Bioserveur. Agfa would retain its Enterprise Imaging platform solution "in all other geographies."[3]

Former solutions

Bioserveur was an internet tool for transmitting biological lab data to and from a research facility.[4] Hexalis was a scalable laboratory information system (LIS) suitable for small labs or large hospitals.[5] ORBIS was a hospital information system with LIS capabilities, "designed to enhance the quality of patient care and provides fast and complete availability of patients' histories."[6] For more about these systems, see the Dedalus SpA page.

Technology and products

Enterprise Imaging

Agfa Healthcare still offers its Enterprise Imaging platform, which brings "together departmental PACS, RIS, advanced 3D, voice recognition, VNA, viewer and mobile functionality into a workflow-centric platform that you can adopt step-by-step, at your own speed."[7] See Agfa's page for more details.


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