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Dedalus SpA
Type Società per azioni
Industry Informatics software
Headquarters Via di Collodi, 6/C Florence, Italy
Number of locations 36
Area served Worldwide
Divisions Dedalus Healthcare Systems Group (Dedalus GS)
Subsidiaries Dedalus France SA
Dedalus Healthcare Ltd.
Vendor:OSM Vertrieb GmbH

Dedalus SpA develops and distributes health and laboratory informatics software solutions.


Sometime in 2014 the company removed Dedalus LIS from its website. It's assumed the company no longer offers its LIS product.

In June 2016, Dedalus SpA announced it had completed the acquisition of NoemaLife SpA, stating "[t]he integration of these two companies is consistent with our reciprocal values: continuous investments in innovation, a high level of service to clients, and respect for the rules."[1] As of November 2020, it appears Dedalus is still offering the former NoemaLife's DNLab LIS.

In December 2019, Agfa-Gevaert Group and its subsidiary Agfa HealthCare NV announced that it had plans to sell a chunk of its clinical IT business, with the Dedalus Group interested in purchasing it.[2] The sale was finalized on May 5, 2020, with Dedalus Group acquiring the "German, French, Austrian, Swiss and Brazilian activities related to clinical, diagnostic and hospital management software (HCIS) and related to IT imaging systems (PACS-RIS of radiology, cardiology, etc.) for a total enterprise value of €975 million."[3] This included the acquisition of Agfa HealthCare's ORBIS, Hexalis, and Bioserveur. Agfa would retain its enterprise imaging solutions "in all other geographies."[4]

In June 2021, Dedalus announced it had acquired German informatics business Vendor:OSM Vertrieb GmbH, with the two businesses having reportedly having worked together since 2006.[5][6] As of October 2021, the OSM website appears to still be operating independently of Dedalus, and OSM is presumed to be a subsidiary, though it's not clear.

Previous technology

Dedalus LIS was a laboratory information system that "covers the entire process of examination from pre-treatment (specimen collection, transfer) to quality control (specimen testing) and post-treatment (report generation and distribution)."[7]

Technology and products

Bioserveur, DNLab, Hexagone Web, Hexalis, and ORBIS

Bioserveur is an internet tool for transmitting biological lab data to and from a research facility.[8]

DNLab is a laboratory information system (LIS) "that allows healthcare organizations to carry out a complete clinical analysis and microbiology laboratory operations flow management attending to current requirements, regardless of their size."[9]

Hexagone Web is a web-based healthcare administration management system, which includes patient management, admission management, billing management, inventory management, and human resource management functionality, among other.[10]

Hexalis is a scalable LIS suitable for small labs or large hospitals, that can act as a "complete solution for managing clinical orders, communication with your machines, analysis of your patients' results, invoicing, payment monitoring, activity statistics and quality control."[8]

ORBIS is an integrated hospital information system (HIS) with LIS capabilities "that guarantees dynamic sharing of data entered by care providers."[11]


Pricing information not made public.

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