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Dedalus France SA
Type Société Anonyme
Industry Informatics software
Predecessor Medasys SA
Headquarters 22 avenue Galilée, Le Plessis Robinson, France
Number of locations 9
Area served Worldwide
Parent Dedalus SpA

Dedalus France SA develops and distributes healthcare informatics software solutions for medical hospitals and other public health centers in France.


In October 2018, Medasys SA and Dedalus Group announced that it had acquired DL Santé SAS from the DL Software Group for €8 million as a means to "develop their strategy in France and internationally, with new innovative solutions and exchange and sharing technologies."[1] The DL Santé website remained active until roughly February 2022, and DL Santé products appear to be integrated with Dedalus France SA.

In March 2019, Medasys SA announced it would be changing its name to Dedalus France SA as a means to provide "a common brand for the entire group" of Medasys and Dedalus subsidiaries.[2] However, with the change also came a downplay of its DxLab laboratory information system (LIS); with the website update, very little information is now available about the product. Netika SARL was also pulled into the Dedalus France umbrella, along with its KaliSil LIS and KaliLab quality management system.

Technology and products

BioManager, DxLab, KaliLab, KaliSil, and Odancio

BioManager is a middleware data management tool that is integrated into Odancio.[3]

DxLab is "a multi-site, multi-facility" LIS that is "interoperable with the existing patient record" [4] As of November 2019, the company lists no feature or other information about the software.

KaliLab is a modular quality management system (QMS) designed for ease-of-use, configurability, and reliability.[5]

Kalisil is a LIS "dedicated to the management of private and public medical biology laboratories."[6]

Odancio is a LIS "characterized by ergonomics that facilitate handling and an all-encompassing set of functionality that tames the challenges of laboratories."[3]


Pricing information not made public.

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