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Flywheel Exchange, LLC
Type Limited liability company
Industry Laboratory informatics
Headquarters 1015 Glenwood Ave., Suite 300, Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.
Number of locations 1
Area served U.S.
Key people Troy Kopischke, Brian Wandell, Jim Olson

Flywheel Exchange, LLC develops and distributes laboratory and scientific informatics software solutions. Their core platform, Flywheel, is built on top of the open-source application programming interface (API) SciTran, developed prior by several Flywheel founders based out of Stanford University.[1]


Flywheel Exchange, LLC was founded in May 2012.[2]

On September 29, 2015, Flywheel Exchange announced it would be entering into a partnership with Stanford Center for Cognitive and Neurobiological Imaging director Dr. Brian Wandell to commercialize his radiology and imaging-related scientific data management tools, called SciTran.[1][3] A week later, that software was revealed to be available as a private beta under the name "Flywheel." The software was reported to "offer scientists using functional MRI the tools to effectively capture, store, organize, and share their data."[4] The software exited the private beta phase on December 15 and became available for the general public.[5]

In September 2021, Flywheel secured $22 million in series C funding and with it acquired Radiologics, a provider of imaging informatics services and products. The reported goal of the merger was to together further develop solutions allowing researchers "to ramp up the speed of clinical trials, improve biomedical research, and get to the discovery stage quicker."[6][7]

Technology and products


Flywheel is a cloud-based imaging-centric data management platform "for researchers seeking to transform productivity and collaboration in imaging research, clinical trials, multi-center studies and machine learning."[8] The platform provides four components: Enterprise, the base data management solution; Discovery, for discovering and cataloging data; Exchange, a tool for interacting with data partners; and Trial Flow, for managing clinical trial information in a compliant fashion. Flywheel is targeted to those working in the life sciences, clinical research, medical imaging research, and artificial intelligence industries.[9]

The platform has some of the features reminiscent of a scientific data management system (the SciTran API at Flywheel's core was even formerly described as an SDMS[10]). The various features of the data management platform include[8]:

  • support for many data types, including custom data types
  • automated data capture from preferred imaging stations
  • configurable de-identification tools to meet regulatory requirements
  • image curation tools
  • data privacy and role-based access controls
  • support for electronic signatures


The company does not make pricing public.

Demonstration videos and other media

The company has more than 30 videos related to its offerings posted on YouTube.

Additional information


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