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InVita Healthcare Technologies, Inc.
Type Incorporated
Industry Health informatics
Headquarters 180 W. Ostend Street, Suite 267A, Baltimore, Maryland, U.S.
Number of locations 4
Area served Worldwide
Parent Riverside Company

InVita Healthcare Technologies, Inc. develops and distributes healthcare and forensics software solutions.


In May 2021, InVita Healthcare Technologies announced that it had acquired STaCS DNA Inc. and its STACS software for an undisclosed amount. The company justified the acquisition by saying "STACS DNA's products fit within our broader thesis of providing niche medical specialty software, helping to connect and coordinate multiple constituents in the supply chain. They also fit well into our software suite of products addressing elements from the human body."[1]

Technology and products

STACS Casework and STACS Database

STACS Casework is a laboratory information management system (LIMS) that " allow[s] labs to process more samples faster and more efficiently, ensuring every stage of evidence handling – intake, testing, storage, and analysis – is conducted with the utmost accuracy and adherence to legal frameworks."[2]

STACS Database is a LIMS that "provides Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) Laboratories with highly configurable, built-in compliance safeguards and centralized access, which reduces errors and mitigates risks in submission management, while conserving time and resources."[3]


Pricing information not made public.

Demonstration videos and other media

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