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Mestrelab Research S.L.
Type Sociedad Limitada
Industry Laboratory informatics
Headquarters Feliciano Barrera 9B - Bajo, Santiago de Compostela, Spain
Number of locations 2
Area served Worldwide
Parent Bruker Corporation

Mestrelab Research S.L. develops and distributes scientific and laboratory informatics software, with a strong focus on research and development.


The company was founded in December 2004 as a means to further develop a previous organic chemistry application called MestReC.[1]

In December 2018, Bruker Corporation announced that it had "entered into a strategic partnership [with Mestrelab Research] to advance chemistry software that handles spectroscopic data and extracts and manages chemical information from a variety of analytical techniques." As part of the partnership, Bruker became a majority shareholder in Mestrelab Research.[2]

In December 2021, Bruker announced it was "supporting" the combined efforts of its majority-held Mestrelab Research and analytical data management company ZONTAL towards a "an innovative analytical data management and analysis solution that ... enables efficient and effective utilization of analytical molecular data." Bruker added: "Bruker is committed to expanding their cloud-based, scientific software for chemistry and pharma customers and to providing intuitive end-to-end solutions that make analysis and knowledge extraction in scientific research faster and easier."[3] It was not made clear what level of support was provided, but presumably some sort of financial and/or personnel support was being provided by Bruker.

In late June 2023, Bruker announced its branded platform SciY was being launched by its IDS division "in close collaboration with majority-owned software companies Mestrelab Research, Arxspan, Optimal Industrial Technologies, and ZONTAL, along with biopharma automation company Optimal Industrial Automation." Bruker stated that this platform "of vendor-agnostic software solutions allows the integration of our customers’ physical laboratory instruments and automation hardware with their scientific research, development, and manufacturing data into a digital environment to deliver maximum value with minimum effort and disruption."[4] The company essentially confirmed its long-term endpoint was an evolution of acquisitions and partnerships by adding that "SciY is a brand of Bruker Integrated Data Solution division that was born from collaborations and majority-acquisitions of renowned vendor-agnostic software partners."

Technology and products


Mbook is a chemistry electronic laboratory notebook (ELN) that "allows you to keep all the information relevant to your chemistry work in an easy-to-search-and-share digital format."[5] The software can be installed on-premises or offered via the SaaS model of distribution. It is presumably part of Bruker Corporation's SciY platform.[6]


Per the company website, pricing for Mbook is as follows[7]:

Mbook Price List
Description Academic Industrial Government
Mbook Analytical single nominated license $146 $1,106 $665
Mbook Chemistry single nominated license N/A $737 $447
Mbook Chemistry-Pro single nominated license $146 $1,106 $665
Mbook Enterprise single nominated license $296 $1,848 $1,106

Demonstration videos and other media

The following demo videos are available for Mbook:

Additional information


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