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Zontal, Inc.
Type Corporation
Industry Laboratory informatics
Headquarters 300 S. Pine Island Rd., Ste. 307, Plantation, Florida, U.S.
Number of locations 4
Area served Worldwide
Products ZONTAL
Parent Bruker Corporation

Zontal, Inc.—doing business as ZONTAL—develops and distributes data management software solutions.


The company was reportedly founded in 2016 by pharmaceutical consultant Wolfgang Colsman. In 2018, the company released "the first regulatory compliant out-of-the-box digital hub for pharma."[1]

In December 2021, Bruker Corporation announced it was "supporting" the combined efforts of its majority-held Mestrelab Research and analytical data management company ZONTAL towards a "an innovative analytical data management and analysis solution that ... enables efficient and effective utilization of analytical molecular data." Bruker added: "Bruker is committed to expanding their cloud-based, scientific software for chemistry and pharma customers and to providing intuitive end-to-end solutions that make analysis and knowledge extraction in scientific research faster and easier."[2] It was not made clear what level of support was provided, but presumably some sort of financial and/or personnel support was being provided by Bruker.

In May 2023, Bruker announced that it had acquired ZONTAL. Bruker justified the acquisition as having the potential to "enable integrated digital laboratory and process data management, combining vendor-agnostic data storage and analysis, as well as workflow tools to help scientists realize the full potential of their analytical laboratory and process digital assets," as part of its "Integrated Data Solutions" (IDS) software division, the first time such a division had been mentioned publicly by the company.[3] It is possible this division is an extension of the support efforts lent to Mestrelab and ZONTAL collaboration in 2021.[2] The May 2023 press release further went on about the integration of ZONTAL's offering with those of Mestrelab Research, Arxspan, and Optimal.

A little over a month later, Bruker announced its branded platform SciY was being launched by its IDS division "in close collaboration with majority-owned software companies Mestrelab Research, Arxspan, Optimal Industrial Technologies, and ZONTAL, along with biopharma automation company Optimal Industrial Automation." Bruker stated that this platform "of vendor-agnostic software solutions allows the integration of our customers’ physical laboratory instruments and automation hardware with their scientific research, development, and manufacturing data into a digital environment to deliver maximum value with minimum effort and disruption."[4] The company essentially confirmed its long-term endpoint was an evolution of acquisitions and partnerships by adding that "SciY is a brand of Bruker Integrated Data Solution division that was born from collaborations and majority-acquisitions of renowned vendor-agnostic software partners."

Technology and products


ZONTAL (formerly ZONTAL Space[5]) is a scientific data management system (SDMS; the company refers to it as a "digital hub") that allows users to "break open silos and automate data flow to deliver digital transformation."[6] The company adds that the SDMS' four core functions are data ingestion, management, search and retrieval, and analysis. The solution can be deployed on-premises, in the cloud, or in a hybrid manner.[7] It is presumably a part of Bruker Corporation's SciY platform.[8]

The company states the SDMS has the following features[7][9]:

  • smart-tagging
  • instrument and software interfacing, with API
  • query tools
  • reporting tools
  • data harmonization tools
  • data analysis tools
  • data archiving, retention, and backup
  • controlled access policies
  • AI and machine learning tools
  • scalable
  • encryption and checksum validation
  • audit trail
  • electronic signatures
  • 21 CFR Part 11 and GxP compliant


Pricing is not made public.

Demonstration videos and other media

Use cases, whitepapers, and webinars can be found on the resources page.

Additional information


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