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PerkinElmer Inc.
Type Incorporated
Industry Scientific technology
Headquarters 710 Bridgeport Avenue, Shelton, CT, U.S.
Number of locations Multiple
Area served Worldwide
Divisions Revvity Signals Software, Inc.

PerkinElmer Inc. develops and distributes analytical and enterprise laboratory solutions.



In March 2011 PerkinElmer announced the purchase of CambridgeSoft Corporation, which now essentially acts as a subsidiary.[1] CambridgeSoft products like ChemBioOffice, ChemDraw, and ChemOffice, E-Notebook, and iLAB maintained their identities[2], while Workflow LIMS was seemingly phased out by the end of 2011[3], likely in favor of LABWORKS LIMS.

PerkinElmer completed the purchase of ArtusLabs, Inc. in the spring of 2011, acquiring with it the Ensemble ELN.[4] (Ensemble used to be a separate ELN[5]; however, it seems the Ensemble name was later taken for Perkin Elmer's new suite, with E-notebook taking the place of the Ensemble ELN.)

A few months later the company announced it had acquired Labtronics Inc. and its Nexxis ELN.[6]However, sometime after April 2013 PerkinElmer stopped offering the Nexxis ELN product.

The company acquired Integromics SL in July 2014 after a year before signing an exclusive distribution contract with the company.[7][8][9] The Integromics website went dark in early 2017 and the company and its OmicsOffice LIMS is presumed to be fully integrated into PerkinElmer.

In April 2017, the company announced the launch of its cloud-based Signals Notebook ELN software.[10]

Sometime in 2020, the company launched its SimplicityChrom CDS.[11]

In May 2023, the company spun out its PerkinElmer Informatics division into its own company, Revvity Signals Software, Inc. This change was part of a broader overall change that saw PerkinElmer move its life science and diagnostics division into Revvity, Inc.[12][13], leaving PerkinElmer to focus on analytical and enterprise laboratory solutions.[14]


Former PerkinElmer developer Paul Fjeldsted, who left Perkin in 2015 to make his own consulting company LabVikings, gathered a development team and approached PerkinElmer about acquiring its LABWORKS laboratory information management system (LIMS). He later explained "[t]he Labworks employees were tired of seeing a lack of focus and investment in the Labworks product so they partnered with experienced industry executives along with private investors and made the case to PKI that the Labworks product and customers deserved better."[15] The offer was formally accepted on March 3, 2016[15], though a public press release wasn't issued until May 11, stating that newly created company Labworks, LLC would take control of the software.[16]

In March 2023, the company divested its Applied, Food and Enterprise Services businesses to New Mountain Capital.[17]

Prior solutions

Chromera was a chromatography data system (CDS) and speciation software "that integrates and manages the PerkinElmer NexION and ELAN ICP-MS instruments and the Flexar and Series 200 HPLC systems."[18] The software featured setup, integration, and reporting wizards; "real-time multichannel data processing"; instrument management; customizable visualizations; workflow management; and graphic visualization and development of methods.[19] Sometime in the spring or summer of 2019, the Chromera software page was removed, and a new page for "Clarity Chromatography Software for Speciation Analyses" appeared.[18][20] It's in no way clear if Clarity is a rebranding of the former Chromera software or if PerkinElmer is now a distributor of DataApex's Clarity CDS.

In January 2020, PerkinElmer announced that it would be sunsetting its iLAB laboratory execution system (LES) and LimsLink middleware, end-of-lifing the the products come January 3, 2021. The company suggested iVention BV's LES solution as a possible replacement.[21] iLAB was an LES that "provides QA/QC laboratories with a structured platform that eliminates paper while automating and controlling testing procedures." The system automated routine testing procedures, integrated with other software systems, and utilized electronic worksheets "for investigations, audits or to demonstrate adherence to regulatory compliance requirements."[22]

In August 2020, PerkinElmer announced that it would be sunsetting its OmicsOffice laboratory information management system (LIMS), end-of-lifing the product come August 11, 2021.[23] OmicsOffice was a LIMS "for every step in your genomics data analysis, enabling you to load and process raw data – external and vendor specific – and perform the steps common to expression analysis."[24]

In May 2023, E-Notebook and Signals Notebook were transferred to Revvity Signals Software, Inc.[12][13] See that page for more details.

Technology and products

Clarity and SimplicityChrom

Clarity is a CDS that "allows streamlined workflows, from method development through to reporting."[20] It's unclear if this is PerkinElmer's own CDS or if they are distributing DataApex's Clarity CDS.

SimplicityChrom is a CDS that "that enables you to efficiently control the instrument, process data, and generate results."[25]


Demonstration videos and other media

The company has five demonstration videos for SimplicityChrom on it's product page.

Additional information


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