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Terra Systems OÜ
Type Osaühing (Ltd.)
Industry Informatics software
Headquarters Vene tn. 35, Tallinn, Estonia
Number of locations 4
Area served Worldwide

Terra Systems OÜ develops and distributes health and laboratory informatics software solutions.


Technology and products

MiniLIS, TerraLab, and Analyzer Manager

MiniLIS is a "free entry-level" laboratory information system (LIS) that "allows carriers to eliminate paper from all stages of the laboratory process."[1]

TerraLab is a laboratory information system (marketed as a LIMS) that "allows you to flexibly configure and maintain the laboratory processes, and also has a wide functionality for doing business."[2]

Analyzer Managers is middleware "designed for the integration of the laboratory analytical equipment with laboratory/medical informational systems."[3] The company claims the software can integrate more than 100 analytical instruments "with any (including an individually developed) informational system."[3]


Per the company website, MiniLIS is free to download and use. The basic cloud-hosted version of the software is also free, offering up to 2,500 records. A pro version of the cloud-hosted LIS is offered at €49/Month, with no record limit, premium support, and connection to one instrument.[4]

Pricing is not made public for TerraLab and Analyzer Manager.

Demonstration videos and other media

Demo videos of Terra Systems products can be found on their YouTube channel.

Additional information


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