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Former type Incorporated
Industry Laboratory informatics
Fate Acquired
Successor InVita Healthcare Technologies, Inc.
Defunct 18 May 2021[1]
Headquarters 2255 St. Laurent Blvd., Suite 206, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Number of locations 2
Area served Worldwide

STACS DNA Inc. developed and distributed DNA processing software solutions, especially for the field of forensics.


Sometime in the summer of fall of 2019, STACS DNA rebranded its STaCS-CW and STaCS-DB to STACS Casework and STACS Database, respectively.

In May 2021, InVita Healthcare Technologies, Inc. announced that it had acquired STaCS DNA and its STACS software for an undisclosed amount. The company justified the acquisition by saying "STACS DNA's products fit within our broader thesis of providing niche medical specialty software, helping to connect and coordinate multiple constituents in the supply chain. They also fit well into our software suite of products addressing elements from the human body."[1]

Technology and products

STACS Casework and STACS Database

STACS Casework was a laboratory information management system (LIMS) that "delivers end-to-end sample tracking, documentation and control, giving your team the power to reduce turnaround time, meet quality standards and effectively manage your daily workload."[2]

STACS Database was a LIMS "developed with forensic DNA scientists to meet the needs of high volume, high throughput DNA database laboratories."[3]

Both products could be installed locally or hosted in the cloud via the software as a service distribution model.[4]

See InVita Healthcare Technologies, Inc. for more on their current iteration.