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DL Santé SAS
Former type Société par actions simplifiée
Industry Laboratory informatics
Fate Acquired
Successor Dedalus France SA
Defunct 04 October 2018[1]
Headquarters 52, boulevard Rodin, Issy-les-Moulineaux, France
Area served France
Parent DL Software

DL Santé SAS developed and distributed laboratory informatics software solutions, including a laboratory information system (LIS), laboratory execution system (LES), and quality management system (QMS).


The company began with Progimed, founded in 1984.[2] Progimed initially developed a LIS called PROLAM, later releasing a totally new version called Alysé.

DL Software, a software company created in 2003, acquired Progimed on April 13, 2004, which became DL Santé SAS.[2][3] DL Software also acquired Biosystem and its products Biowin and Bio Manager on January 16, 2008 and Armure and its QMS software on March 18, 2009.[4][5]

In October 2018, Dedalus Group announced that it had acquired DL Santé SAS from the DL Software Group for €8 million as a means to "develop their strategy in France and internationally, with new innovative solutions and exchange and sharing technologies."[1] The DL Santé website remained active until roughly February 2022, and DL Santé products are now presumably integrated with Dedalus France SA.

Technology and products


Armure was a quality management system that "allows you to simply and effectively manage the quality management within your organization."[6] It integrated all the features necessary for ISO-15189 standard that are not in a LIS.


BioManager was a laboratory execution system "that allows you to build out your technical platform."[7] The software was developed in Windev and could be connected to all standard analyzers.


Odancio was a laboratory information system (LIS) that provides "comprehensive functional coverage from pre- to post-analytics, with cross-functional processing management."[8] Odancio interfaced with all other DL Santé products (Bio Manager and Armure). It had been adapted specifically to help labs be compliant with the ISO-15189 standard.

See the Dedalus France SA page for what remains of the original DL Santé SAS products.


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