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LIMSjournal - Fall 2018
Volume 4, Issue 3
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LIMSjournal - Fall 2018: Volume 4, Issue 3

This collection of 13 open-access journal articles loaded to LIMSwiki in July–September 2018 is compiled as a convenient, easy-to-access compilation. It is organized alphabetically by topic and then by author, with the author and publication year appearing at the end for your convenience.

1. Data science and big data
A data quality strategy to enable FAIR, programmatic access across large, diverse data collections for high performance data analysis (Evans et al. 2017)
Data science as an innovation challenge: From big data to value proposition (Kayser et al. 2018)
The development of data science: Implications for education, employment, research, and the data revolution for sustainable development (Murtagh and Devlin 2018)
How big data, comparative effectiveness research, and rapid-learning health care systems can transform patient care in radiation oncology (Sanders and Showalter 2018)
2. Data sharing and open data
Technology transfer and true transformation: Implications for open data (Bezuidenhout 2017)
Support Your Data: A research data management guide for researchers (Borghi et al. 2018)
Promoting data sharing among Indonesian scientists: A proposal of a generic university-level research data management plan (RDMP) (Irawan and Rachmi 2018)
3. Information management tools and techniques
systemPipeR: NGS workflow and report generation environment (Backman and Girke 2016)
Wireless positioning in IoT: A look at current and future trends (e Silva et al. 2018)
GeoFIS: An open-source decision support tool for precision agriculture data (Leroux et al. 2018)
4. Information security and privacy
Big data in the era of health information exchanges: Challenges and opportunities for public health (Baseman et al. 2017)
How could the ethical management of health data in the medical field inform police use of DNA? (Krikorian and Vailly 2018)
Password compliance for PACS work stations: Implications for emergency-driven medical environments (Mahlaola and van Dyk 2017)