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LIMSjournal - Winter 2017
Volume 3, Issue 4
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LIMSjournal - Winter 2017: Volume 3, Issue 4

This collection of 13 open-access journal articles loaded to LIMSwiki in October–December 2017 is compiled as a convenient, easy-to-access collection. It is organized alphabetically by topic and then by author, with the author and publication year appearing at the end for your convenience.

1. Big data and information management
Recommended versus certified repositories: Mind the gap (Husen et al. 2017)
Rethinking data sharing and human participant protection in social science research: Applications from the qualitative realm (Kirilova and Karcher 2017)
Data management: New tools, new organization, and new skills in a French research institute (Martin et al. 2017)
Open data: Accountability and transparency (Mayernik 2017)
Compliance culture or culture change? The role of funders in improving data management and sharing practice amongst researchers (Neylon 2017)
Handling metadata in a neurophysiology laboratory (Zehl 2016)
2. Health, public health, and clinical informatics
Experimental application of business process management technology to manage clinical pathways: A pediatric kidney transplantation follow-up case (Andellini et al. 2017)
A review of the role of public health informatics in healthcare (Aziz 2017)
Preferred names, preferred pronouns, and gender identity in the electronic medical record and laboratory information system: Is pathology ready? (Imborek et al. 2017)
Expert search strategies: The information retrieval practices of healthcare information professionals (Russell-Rose and Chamberlain 2017)
3. LIMS, LIS, and ELN
Usability evaluation of laboratory information systems (Mathews and Marc 2017)
Chemotion ELN: An open-source electronic lab notebook for chemists in academia {Tremouilhac et al. 2017)
4. Miscellaneous
ISO 15189 accreditation: Navigation between quality management and patient safety (Plebani and Sciacovelli 2017)