LII:Clinical, Health, and Scientific Informatics Programs in Higher Education

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Title: Clinical, Health, and Scientific Informatics Programs in Higher Education

Edition: 2021 Edition

Author for citation: Shawn E. Douglas

License for content: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International

Publication date: July 2021

This guide attempts to compile internet-based research into a thorough directory of existing higher education programs in the scientific and health informatics domains. The university and program information is presented in two different ways: tables arranged by program type and alphabetical listings of higher education facilities organized by country. If accessing the information from the wiki, the tabular data is sortable by location and degree type for extra utility. The alphabetical listing is organized by country and, if applicable, state/territory to allow users to browse what's available in a particular region.

A few minor limitations affect this guide. First, language acted as a small barrier in thoroughness, as most searches were conducted in English. This means some informatics programs described online in non-English languages may have been missed. As such, the guide presumes some university programs outside of English-speaking countries were likely missed. Second, this guide recognizes that variance in terminology, i.e., labels applied to academic programs, made classifying some programs difficult, particularly biomedical informatics programs. Programs were compiled by the label applied by the university, but a biomedical informatics program, for example, may have more similarities to a bioinformatics program in some cases.

Finally, a wealth of universities exists around the world, physical and online. This was a project done by one person over many long hours, all while recognizing that regular updates will be required (as universities often change the URLs and program availability rapidly). No guarantee is made this list is authoritative.

The table of contents for Clinical, Health, and Scientific Informatics Programs in Higher Education is as follows:

1. Terminology and programs

Terminology and programs

2. Informatics in industries directly covered by academic programs

Chemical informatics
Health informatics
Public health informatics

3. Academic program tables

Bioinformatics programs
Biomedical informatics programs
Chemical informatics programs
Clinical and medical informatics programs
Health informatics programs
Nursing informatics programs
Public health informatics programs

4. All higher education facilities offering clinical, health, and scientific informatics programs

List of higher education entities, organized by country
All higher education facilities