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  • ...ual model based on a systematic review|Factors associated with adoption of health information technology: A conceptual model based on a systematic review]]"' ...litative studies (n=83). ('''[[Journal:Factors associated with adoption of health information technology: A conceptual model based on a systematic review|Ful
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  • ...eral Regulations - Title 21: Food and Drugs - Part 11: Electronic Records; Electronic Signatures |publisher=U.S. Government Printing Office |date=13 April 2020 | .../tutorial/part11/ |title=Tutorial: 21 CFR Part 11 - Electronic Records and Electronic Signatures |author=Huber, L. |publisher=LabCompliance |date=15 November 201
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  • [[File:Doctor review brain images.jpg|thumb|360px|right|Health informatics helps manage, analyze, and integrate patient data from physicia ...y, pharmacy, public health, occupational therapy, and biomedical research. Health informatics resources include not only computers but also clinical guidelin
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  • [[File:Cornerstone EPIC Photo (3).jpg|thumb|360px|right|Health information technology varies in implementation, from the hospital or physi ...5-20-healthit.pdf |format=PDF |title=Evidence on the Costs and Benefits of Health Information Technology |author=Hagen, Stuart; Richmond, Peter; Mazade, Leah
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  • ...Sebelius Should Avoid a Network Monopoly |author=Gropper, Adrian |work=The Health Care Blog |date=05 March 2009 |accessdate=01 June 2015}}</ref> ==Subtitle A--Promotion of Health Information Technology==
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  • ...tronic lab notebook for chemists in academia|Chemotion ELN: An open-source electronic lab notebook for chemists in academia]]"''' ...ical reactions and mechanisms. ('''[[Journal:Chemotion ELN: An open-source electronic lab notebook for chemists in academia|Full article...]]''')<br />
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  • generating real-time alerts and making accurate predictions on patient health condition. Based on the proposed architecture, a prototype implementation h ...edical field inform police use of DNA?|How could the ethical management of health data in the medical field inform police use of DNA?]]"'''
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  • ...feature''' is one or more pieces of functionality that appear within an [[electronic laboratory notebook]] (ELN). ...ilELNPurp">{{cite web|url= |title=What are electronic lab notebooks for? |publisher=Axiope |author=Macneil, Rory |date=06 October
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  • ...[[information]] system that allows storage, retrieval and modification of records. |format=PDF |title=Medical Records Manual - A Guide for Developing Countries |publisher=WHO |date=March 2001 |
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  • ...right|This diagram shows how the logging system of the national electronic health record system in Austria works.]] ...ital format that is theoretically capable of being shared across different health care settings. In some cases this sharing can occur by way of network-conne
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  • ...or single or multiprofessional practices (office or clinic)" in the global health community. ...Services]]. The NIH is the U.S. agency most responsible for biomedical and health-related research, primarily through its Intramural Research Program (IRP),
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  • The intention of this document is 1. to assist clinical and public health laboratories searching for a [[laboratory information system]] (LIS) with i ...ost any LIS, including special requirements for facilities managing public health, corrections facility, or blood bank data.
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  • ...ty Management in the Imaging Sciences |author=Papp, J. |publisher=Elsevier Health Sciences |pages=372 |year=2014 |isbn=9780323261999}}</ref> Ford emphasized * set of procedures, instructions, and records
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  • ...utilizing vital statistics data is only one of many applications of public health informatics.]] ...50195.001323 |pmid=7639873}}</ref> Like other types of informatics, public health informatics is a multidisciplinary field, involving the studies of [[Inform
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  • ...xt = '''Is it an [[electronic medical record|EMR]] or an [[electronic health record|EHR]] solution?''' Due to confusion of the terms and evolution of ex ...elops and/or distributes [[electronic medical record]] and/or [[electronic health record]] software. The EMR and EHR software may be very generalized to hand
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  • ...applicable to most any laboratory informatics system, be it a LIMS or an [[electronic laboratory notebook|ELN]]. Section 1.5 covers functionality found specifica ...r mandatory password changes, limits on reusability of passwords, and full electronic signature.
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  • ...idebook for International Implementations |publisher=Association of Public Health Laboratories |date=May 2019 |accessdate=18 March 2020}}</ref> Yet as labora ...pective [[International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems|ICD]] codes
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  • ...pertinent data. The computer transmits the information to a giant central electronic computer in a remote city. Seconds later the computer will transmit back to ...of Sciences' Institute of Medicine had been actively promoting the use of health information technology — including the CDSS — to advance quality of pat
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  • .../ |title=Basics of the U.S. Health Care System |author=Niles, Nancy J. |publisher=Jones & Bartlett Learning |l ...=Dixon, Brian E.; Zafar, Atif |publisher=AHRQ National Resource Center for Health IT |date=January 2009 |accessdate=04 December 2015}}</ref><ref name="Teasda
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  • ...px;" |'''a.''' The system offers a way to separately manage non-compliance records. ...elivery of analytical data for environmental programs via the EPA's Staged Electronic Data Deliverable (SEDD) format.
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