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CompuGroup Medical AG
Type Aktiengesellschaft
Industry Health informatics
Laboratory informatics
Headquarters Maria Trost 21, Koblenz, Germany
Number of locations 60+
Area served Worldwide
Divisions CompuGroup Medical, Inc.; CompuGroup Medical LAB AB;
and numerous others
Website Corporate:
United States:

CompuGroup Medical AG is a worldwide developer and distributer of a variety of laboratory and health informatics solutions.


On August 31, 2010, CompuGroup Medical AG announced it had acquired the Visionary Healthware Group, including Visionary Medical Systems and its holdings.[1][2] This prompted a long series of consolidation efforts in 2011, yielding mergers of other entities into Visionary Healthware and Antek HealthWare, ultimately resulting in both of those entities being absorbed into CompuGroups's U.S. entity "CompuGroup Medical Inc." on December 31, 2011.[3][4]

In January 2014, CompuGroup Medical AG acquired vision4health Laufenberg & Co. and its products.[5][6]

Sometime in 2019 or 2020, CompuGroup Medical removed the web page for its U.S.-marketed CGM Enterprise LIS. The product is presumably discontinued.

In early December 2020, CompuGroup Medical AG announced that it had acquired Schuyler House. No details were released about the financials, nor what would happen to the Schuylab product. "This deal will help us take Schuyler House and SchuyLab to the next level," according the press release.[7]

As of July 2021, CompuGroup is still marketing the former Antek product LabDAQ and the former Schuyler House product SchuyLab.

In February 2022, CompuGroup Medical announced that it was acquiring Small Business Computers of New England, Inc., justifying it as "a strategic fit within our overall company strategy."[8] On April 4, 2022, Small Business Computers of New England was successfully merged with CompuGroup Medical, Inc., ceasing to be a legal entity.[9]

On December 8, 2022, CompuGroup Medical US announced that it "is broadening its US presence with the acquisition of Medicus Laboratory Information Systems (Medicus) from Diagnostic Systems Consulting, LLC."[10] CompuGroup justified the acquisition, stating: "With this deal, no other company serves more small- to mid-sized laboratories in the US than CGM. This will also benefit customers of Medicus by giving them access to numerous, high-value CompuGroup Medical technologies and revenue cycle management solutions and services."[10] As of December 19, it's not clear what exactly was acquired, as "Medicus Laboratory Information Systems" is a fictitious "doing business as" (DBA) name Diagnostic Systems Consulting, LLC uses.[11] It remains to be seen if CGM actually acquired Diagnostic Systems Consulting, LLC, or if Diagnostic Systems Consulting, LLC sold its DBA and software solutions to CGM but will still function separately.

Former solutions

CGM Enterprise LIS was a U.S.-marketed LIS "[d]esigned for FQHCs and Community Health Centers to increase efficiency through interoperability."[12][13][14] The LIS was said to be integrated with CGM Enterprise EHR and CGM Enterprise PM by default.

Technology and products

CGM Analytix, AP Easy, LabDAQ, molis, and SchuyLab

CGM Analytix is a European-marketed laboratory information system (LIS) that is designed to "logically support the laboratory's work processes regardless of discipline."[15]

CGM AP Easy is a U.S.-marketed LIS specifically designed for anatomical pathology labs. The software comes in an on-premises version (AP Easy Advanced)[16] and a software as a service (SaaS) version hosted in the cloud (AP Easy Cloud).[17] Additional add-ons for reporting, EMR connectivity, faxing, specimen tracking (EZ Track), device automation are also available.

CGM LabDAQ is a U.S.-marketed LIS designed for "clinical laboratory environment[s] including including physician offices, clinics, reference laboratories, and hospitals."[18] Sometime in 2019, CGM updated their website to suggest their clinical LIS has either 1. been updated to include cannabis testing functionality, or 2. a separate version of LabDAQ for cannabis testing was created.[19] It's not clear which.

CGM molis is a laboratory information system (LIS) that "encompasses all laboratory disciplines in one solution."[20] The software may only be available in parts of Europe, however.

CGM SchuyLab is a U.S.-marketed LIS "that is scalable to operate cleanly in a single-station physician office lab or at a multi-site reference laboratory with no limit on the number of specimens processed daily."[21] A separate software add-on, GCM SchuyNet, exists as a results portal for SchuyLab.[22]


Pricing information not made public.

Demonstration videos and other media

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