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Key cloud- or SaaS-based laboratory informatics software

Listed below are key commercial and open-source laboratory informatics software offerings listed in the wiki that utilize the cloud or software as a service (SaaS) model. "Key" indicates vendor's (or software's) LIMSwiki page has a cited (from a publicly-available source) price list. Those with demonstration videos are given higher preference; items ranked by number of videos.

1. LabKey Server via LabKey Corporation
2. ALFA21 via SLCLAB Informática SL
3. Benchling via Benchling, Inc.
4. ELab via LabLynx, Inc.
5. Bika LIMS via Bika Lab Systems (Pty) Ltd.
6. labfolder via labfolder GmbH
7. LabArchives via LabArchives, LLC
8. eCAT via Research Innovations Limited
9. Mbook via Mestrelab Research S.L.
10. eLABInventory and eLABJournal via Bio-ITech BV
11. LabVantage 8 via LabVantage Solutions, Inc.
12. STARLIMS via Abbott Informatics Corporation
13. ELM via Asymptotic Automation Solutions LLP
14. Labii ELN & LIMS via Labii, Inc.
15. NoteBookMaker via NoteBookMaker, LLC
16. Lapstep ELN via Labstep Ltd.
17. BioRails DM via The Edge Software Consultancy Ltd.
18. WebPathLab via WebPathLab, Inc.
19. mLIMS via BioInfoRx, Inc.

20. LABA via Biomed Systems Ltd.
21. GENEIO via BioSistemika LLC
22. LabHQ via Broughton Software Ltd.
23. O3 LimsXpress via Bytewize AB
24. BioTracer via CloudLIMS.com, LLC
25. limsExpress via Dynamic Databases, LLC
26. PharmWare via PharmLabs, LLC
27. Element LIMS via Promium, LLC
28. HORIZON LIMS via Red Arrow Labs, LLC
29. Apex LIS via Apex HealthWare, LLC
30. Dendi LIS via Dendi, Inc.
32. eQual via LabPro 2000 Ltd.
33. LabSpace via LabSpace, LLC
34. QLIMS via OnQ Software Pty. Ltd.
35. Progeny Clinical via Progeny Software, LLC
36. hivebench via shazino SAS
37. LIMFinite via Wixon and Cross, LLC