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This category contains articles that have an incorrect value in the date parameter of a maintenance template.

A correctly formatted date parameter consists of the full spelled out and capitalized name of the month, a single space, and the four digit year. For example: date=July 2024. So no days and no short spelling for the names of months.

If the date is correctly formatted the article may still appear here. This can happen for three reasons, two common: The appropriate dated category;

  • does not exist - solve this by (re)creating the category (or changing the date in the parameter if it is clearly wrong).
  • did not exist at the last save - solve this by re-saving the article, either with a null edit, or any improvement you can make.
  • Rarely, if an article is in Category:Pages with too many expensive parser function calls, it can be listed here as well even if all of the date parameters are correct because #ifexist will always return false, so the tag will believe the dated category does not exist. Solution, is to fix the page (or the templates it calls) so that it does not have too many expensive parser function calls, alternatively resolve the problem needing the tag.
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