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This information used to appear on the front page of the wiki. As of November 2015, it has been transitioned to a single page to provide more space for the front page.

Key laboratory informatics vendors

Key commercial laboratory informatics vendors

What does it mean to be "key" for the purpose of this ranking? The criterion for a vendor selling proprietary commercial laboratory informatics software being listed here: the vendor's LIMSwiki page must have a cited (from a publicly-available source) price list. Those with demonstration videos are given higher preference; items ranked by number of videos. Go here for all listed vendors in the wiki.

Key cloud-based and open-source laboratory informatics software

Key cloud- or SaaS-based laboratory informatics software

Listed below are key commercial and open-source laboratory informatics software offerings listed in the wiki that utilize the cloud or software as a service (SaaS) model. "Key" indicates vendor's (or software's) LIMSwiki page has a cited (from a publicly-available source) price list. Those with demonstration videos are given higher preference; items ranked by number of videos.

1. RSpace via Research Innovations Limited
2. LabKey Biologics LIMS via LabKey Corporation
3. CrelioHealth for Diagnostics via Creliant Software Pvt. Ltd.
4. LabArchives via LabArchives, LLC
5. Labii ELN & LIMS via Labii, Inc.
6. ALFA21/Zendo LIMS via SLCLAB Informática SL
7. Benchling via Benchling, Inc.
8. Labstep via Labstep Ltd.
9. BioArchive via MEDEORA GmbH
10. Labscion via HealthScion Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
11. ELab via LabLynx, Inc.
12. labfolder via Labforward GmbH
13. Mbook via Mestrelab Research S.L.
14. Matrix Gemini/Express via Autoscribe Informatics, Inc.
15. CloudLIMS via, LLC
16. STARLIMS via STARLIMS Corporation
17. LabVantage 8 via LabVantage Solutions, Inc.
18. LabWare LIMS and LabWare GROW via LabWare, Inc.
19. WebPathLab via WebPathLab, Inc.
20. ForneyVault via Forney, LP
21. LabSmart via LabSmart Healthcare Technologies

22. Cloud Solutions Suite via Mci IT Pty. Ltd.
23. BioRails DM via The Edge Software Consultancy Ltd.
24. Lockbox LIMS via Third Wave Analytics, Inc.
25. mLIMS via BioInfoRx, Inc.
26. LABA via Biomed Systems Ltd.
27. LabHQ via Vendor:Broughton Software Ltd.
28. WeLIMS via ML Consulting Technologies, LLC
29. Element LIMS via Promium, LLC
30. Revol LIMS via Revol Software Solutions, LLC
31. Pristima XD via Xybion Corporation
32. LabFlow via AINZ Corp.
33. AQ Manager LIMS via Bureau Conseils et Services SCRL
34. O3 LimsXpress via Bytewize AB
35. TeselaGen Operating System via TeselaGen Biotechnology, Inc.
36. Apex LIS via Apex HealthWare, LLC
37. DoraysLab via Dorays Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
38. LabSpace via LabSpace, LLC
39. LIMS via Labstudio (Pty) Ltd.
40. Labosaurus via Microcline Projects
41. Health Digital Transformation Platform via Minerva Data
42. Progeny Clinical via Progeny Software, LLC