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The Complete Guide to LIMS and Laboratory Informatics
2022 Edition
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Title: The Complete Guide to LIMS and Laboratory Informatics

Edition: 2022 Edition

Author for citation: Shawn E. Douglas

License for content: Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International

Publication date: January 2022

Laboratory informatics solutions are as unique as the laboratories that depend on them, coming in many "flavors." Sorting through this great variety of systems can be a daunting task. Add in the fact that many laboratories don't have the personnel who understand every nuance of laboratory informatics and the laboratory information management system (LIMS) or laboratory information system (LIS) they require, and it quickly becomes obvious that finding the ideal LIMS is no simple task.

This annually updated guide provides a comprehensive and informative body of knowledge as it relates to the laboratory and implementing informatics solutions within it. From the software, hardware, and data management side of laboratory informatics to considerations towards security, acquisition, and implementation of the ideal solution, the reader is provided with a wealth of knowledge to better guide their LIMS and laboratory informatics decisions.

1. Informatics in the laboratory
Informatics (academic field)
Laboratory informatics
2. Informatics across the sciences
Cancer informatics
Chemical informatics
Environmental informatics
Genome informatics
Health informatics
Imaging informatics
Molecular informatics
Public health informatics
3. All about LIMS and LIS
Laboratory information management system
LIMS feature
Laboratory information system
LIS feature
4. Other laboratory informatics and support applications
Chromatography data system
Document management system
Electronic data capture system
Electronic laboratory notebook
Enterprise resource planning system
Laboratory execution system
Picture archiving and communication system
Scientific data management system
5. Laboratory informatics considerations: Software and hardware
Notes on Instrument Data Systems
Application programming interface
Cloud computing
Desktop virtualization
Distributed computing
Interface (computing)
Internationalization and localization
Message broker
Platform as a service
Scientific instrument
Software as a service
6. Laboratory informatics considerations: Data management and security
Audit trail
Cloud computing security
Computer security
Data analysis
Data exchange
Data mapping
Data migration
Data retention
Data visualization
Electronic signature
Information management
Information privacy
Information security
Information security management
Master data
Network security
Retention period
Single sign-on
Web application security
7. Laboratory informatics considerations: Data, system, and process quality
Corrective and preventive action
Data integrity
Data quality
Good Automated Laboratory Practices
Good Automated Manufacturing Practice
Lean laboratory
Quality assurance
Quality control
Quality management system
Software quality
8. Laboratory informatics considerations: Automation
Considerations in the Automation of Laboratory Procedures
Artificial intelligence
Data exchange
Data integration
Data mining
Environmental monitoring
Internet of things
Inventory control
Laboratory automation
Machine learning
Predictive maintenance
Remote data capture
System integration
9. Laboratory informatics considerations: Acquisition and implementation
Laboratory Informatics Software Acquisition and Implementation Considerations
Business intelligence
Change control
Functional requirement
Risk assessment
Stakeholder analysis
Systems development life cycle
10. Related standards and compliance
21 CFR Part 11
40 CFR Part 3
ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board
ASTM E1578
Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
Health Level 7
ISO 9000
ISO/IEC 12207
ISO/IEC 17025
Regulatory compliance
The NELAC Institute
11. Laboratory informatics resources
A Guide for Management: Successfully Applying Laboratory Systems to Your Organization's Work
Laboratory Information Systems Project Management: A Guidebook for International Implementations
Laboratory Technology Planning and Management: The Practice of Laboratory Systems Engineering
LIMSpec 2019 R1
21 CFR Part 11: Audit guidelines and checklist
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act: Audit guidelines and checklist
Open-source laboratory informatics software
Laboratory informatics consultants
12. Laboratory informatics vendors with pricing
Autoscribe Informatics, Inc.
Benchling, Inc.
Blaze Systems Corporation
LabLynx, Inc.
All laboratory informatics vendors with pricing