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18. [[Sysment Kft.]]<br />
18. [[Sysment Kft.]]<br />
19. [[The Edge Software Consultancy Ltd.]]<br />
19. [[The Edge Software Consultancy Ltd.]]<br />
20. [[LABTrack, LLC]]<br />
20. [[BioSistemika LLC]]<br />
21. [[Blaze Systems Corporation]]<br />
21. [[LABTrack, LLC]]<br />
22. [[ChemWare, Inc.]]<br />
22. [[Blaze Systems Corporation]]<br />
23. [[CloudLIMS.com, LLC]]<br />
23. [[ChemWare, Inc.]]<br />
24. [[Dynamic Databases, LLC]]<br />
24. [[CloudLIMS.com, LLC]]<br />
25. [[EZQuant Ltd.]]<br />
25. [[Dynamic Databases, LLC]]<br />
26. [[LabWare, Inc.]]<br />
26. [[EZQuant Ltd.]]<br />
27. [[Laucks Technical Services, LLC]]<br />
27. [[LabWare, Inc.]]<br />
28. [[Promium, LLC]]
28. [[Laucks Technical Services, LLC]]
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| style="width:32%; vertical-align:top; border:0px; background-color: Ivory;" rowspan="1"|
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<div style="padding:0.4em 1em 0.3em 1em;">
29. [[STARLIMS Corporation]]<br />
29. [[Promium, LLC]]<br />
30. [[ChemBytes]]<br />
30. [[STARLIMS Corporation]]<br />
31. [[Findings Software SAS]]<br />
31. [[ChemBytes]]<br />
32. [[FORMULATOR Software, LLC]]<br />
32. [[Findings Software SAS]]<br />
33. [[Margy Tech Pvt. Ltd.]]<br />
33. [[FORMULATOR Software, LLC]]<br />
34. [[Mountain States Consulting, LLC]]<br />
34. [[Margy Tech Pvt. Ltd.]]<br />
35. [[SDMSSoft, LLC]]<br />
35. [[Mountain States Consulting, LLC]]<br />
36. [[Shazino SAS|shazino SAS]]<br />
36. [[SDMSSoft, LLC]]<br />
37. [[SLCLAB Informática SL]]<br />
37. [[Shazino SAS|shazino SAS]]<br />
38. [[SPLhost, Inc.]]<br />
38. [[SLCLAB Informática SL]]<br />
39. [[Summit Research Services]]<br />
39. [[SPLhost, Inc.]]<br />
40. [[System Approach, Ltd.]]<br />
40. [[Summit Research Services]]<br />
41. [[Terra Systems OÜ]]
41. [[System Approach, Ltd.]]<br />
42. [[Terra Systems OÜ]]
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12. Sysment Notebook via [[Sysment Kft.]]<br />
12. Sysment Notebook via [[Sysment Kft.]]<br />
13. BioRails DM via [[The Edge Software Consultancy Ltd.]]<br />
13. BioRails DM via [[The Edge Software Consultancy Ltd.]]<br />
14. LABTrack via [[LABTrack, LLC]]<br />
14. GENEIO via [[BioSistemika LLC]]<br />
15. BioTracer via [[CloudLIMS.com, LLC]]<br />
15. LABTrack via [[LABTrack, LLC]]<br />
16. limsExpress via [[Dynamic Databases, LLC]]<br />
16. BioTracer via [[CloudLIMS.com, LLC]]<br />
17. iLIS via [[Margy Tech Pvt. Ltd.]]<br />
17. limsExpress via [[Dynamic Databases, LLC]]<br />
18. Element LIMS via [[Promium, LLC]]<br />
18. iLIS via [[Margy Tech Pvt. Ltd.]]<br />
19. SDMS Software via [[SDMSSoft, LLC]]<br />
19. Element LIMS via [[Promium, LLC]]<br />
20. Datacloud via [[SPLhost, Inc.]]<br />
20. SDMS Software via [[SDMSSoft, LLC]]<br />
21. hivebench via [[Shazino SAS|shazino SAS]]
21. Datacloud via [[SPLhost, Inc.]]<br />
22. hivebench via [[Shazino SAS|shazino SAS]]

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"A new numerical method for processing longitudinal data: Clinical applications"

Processing longitudinal data is a computational issue that arises in many applications, such as in aircraft design, medicine, optimal control, and weather forecasting. Given some longitudinal data, i.e., scattered measurements, the aim consists in approximating the parameters involved in the dynamics of the considered process. For this problem, a large variety of well-known methods have already been developed. Here, we propose an alternative approach to be used as an effective and accurate tool for the parameters fitting and prediction of individual trajectories from sparse longitudinal data. (Full article...)

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Big data management for healthcare systems: Architecture, requirements, and implementation
Support Your Data: A research data management guide for researchers
CÆLIS: Software for assimilation, management, and processing data of an atmospheric measurement network

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Key commercial laboratory informatics vendors

What does it mean to be "key" for the purpose of this ranking? The criterion for a vendor selling proprietary commercial laboratory informatics software being listed here: the vendor's LIMSwiki page must have a cited (from a publicly-available source) price list. Those with demonstration videos are given higher preference; items ranked by number of videos. Go here for all listed vendors in the wiki.

Laboratory informatics software and products
Key cloud- or SaaS-based laboratory informatics software

Listed below are key commercial and open-source laboratory informatics software offerings listed in the wiki that utilize the cloud or software as a service (SaaS) model. "Key" indicates vendor's (or software's) LIMSwiki page has a cited (from a publicly-available source) price list. Those with demonstration videos are given higher preference; items ranked by number of videos.

1. LabKey Server via LabKey Corporation
2. webLIMS and Health Cloud Hub via LabLynx, Inc.
3. Bika LIMS via Bika Lab Systems (Pty) Ltd.
4. Scilligence ELN via Scilligence Corporation
5. LabArchives via LabArchives, LLC
6. eCAT via Research Innovations Limited
7. labfolder via labfolder GmbH
8. Labguru via BioData Inc.
9. LabVantage 7 via LabVantage Solutions, Inc.
10. NevisLIMS via Instrumentos Científicos SA
11. NoteBookMaker via NoteBookMaker, LLC

12. Sysment Notebook via Sysment Kft.
13. BioRails DM via The Edge Software Consultancy Ltd.
14. GENEIO via BioSistemika LLC
15. LABTrack via LABTrack, LLC
16. BioTracer via CloudLIMS.com, LLC
17. limsExpress via Dynamic Databases, LLC
18. iLIS via Margy Tech Pvt. Ltd.
19. Element LIMS via Promium, LLC
20. SDMS Software via SDMSSoft, LLC
21. Datacloud via SPLhost, Inc.
22. hivebench via shazino SAS

Open-source software

Looking for open-source software solutions to make your lab or office more efficient? Try these locations:

Additional LIMSwiki resources
Open-source laboratory informatics software

Listed below are some of the most active and supported open-source laboratory informatics software projects with articles in the wiki, as of May 2014. Go here for all listed open-source laboratory informatics projects.

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Latest news

December 6, 2018:

This is just a quick update to advise readers the second edition of the guide Past, Present, and Future of Cannabis Laboratory Testing and Regulation in the United States has now been released. This second edition updates historical information with the latest stories through early December 2018, newest technologies, and revised URLs for vendors. A new chapter has been added that details vendors who are marketing their instruments, software, and equipment to cannabis testing laboratories, and new material has been added in addressing topics such as industrial hemp legalization and worker safety. Enjoy.

Shawn Douglas (talk) 21:05, 6 December 2018 (UTC)

November 12, 2018:

Twemoji 1f195.svg
Several new useful pieces have been added to the wiki in 2018, with more in the works. First, be sure to check out the webinar series A Guide for Management: Successfully Applying Laboratory Systems to Your Organization's Work by laboratory automation and computing professional Joe Liscouski. The seven-part webinar takes viewers on a journey of laboratory technologies and how they may or may not apply to the work you do. And of course a whole quiver of journal articles have been added in 2018, touching on topics such as big data in healthcare and managing information across a wide variety of scientific contexts. What's coming in 2019? Look forward to updates to several key guides posted here, including more equipment and vendor information for the Past, Present, and Future of Cannabis Laboratory Testing and Regulation in the United States guide, and updated citations and statistics in our other popular guides. Happy wiking!

Shawn Douglas (talk) 14:49, 12 November 2018 (UTC)

Most popular pages

This section represents most popular pages by page view as of January 2016. You can still find records of our Top 30 listings back to April 2012 on the history page for this template. Simply click on the "prev" link of an edit on that page and scroll down to see the listing as it was for that date.

The most popular pages (by page views) on LIMSwiki as of December 3, 2018 are:

  1. Main Page‏‎ (803,446 views)
  2. LIMS vendor (139,590 views)
  3. LIS vendor 120,825 views)
  4. Tiki Wiki CMS Groupware‏‎ (112,286 views)
  5. XOOPS (109,849 views)
  6. LIMS feature (107,096 views)
  7. ELN vendor (87,043 views)
  8. PmWiki (68,915 views)
  9. LIS feature (61,273 views)
  10. LabWare, Inc. (52,834 views)
  11. LabLynx, Inc. (43,381 views)
  12. Laboratory information management system (39,008 views)
  13. SLCLAB Informática SL (37,667 views)
  14. Laboratory information system (37,626 views)
  15. Health informatics (37,148 views)
  16. 21 CFR Part 11/Audit guidelines and checklist‏‎ (34,819 views)
  17. Electronic laboratory notebook‏‎ (30,144 views)
  18. Laboratory informatics (27,634 views)
  19. Physician office laboratory (25,428 views)
  20. Eusoft Srl (24,138 views)
  21. Thermo Scientific (22,788 views)
  22. Cloud computing (22,039 views)
  23. ELN feature‏‎ (20,609 views)
  24. RURO Inc. (19,927 views)
  25. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act‏‎ (18,700 views)
  26. Laboratory, Scientific, and Health Informatics Buyer's Guide‏‎ (18,560 views)
  27. Scientific data management system (16,805 views)
  28. 21 CFR Part 11‏‎ (16,660 views)
  29. Inactive vendor‏‎ (16,617 views)
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