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Vendor Key ELN offering(s) SaaS
Key information Additional notes
AAC Infotray AG Limsophy DoDoc No Switzerland
Abbott Informatics Corporation
Abbott Informatics Electronic
Laboratory Notebook
No United States Pricing and demonstration videos Formerly STARLIMS Corporation
Agaram Technologies Pvt. Ltd. LogiLab ELN Yes India Demonstration videos
AgiLab SAS AgiLab ELN Yes France In 2019 discontinued ELN Biolab, ChemLab, and FormuLab and introduced AgiLab ELN.
AgileBio LabCollector Yes United States Pricing and demonstration videos ELN is an add-on to LabCollector LIMS.
Agilent Technologies, Inc.
Agilent 145.png
SLIMS Yes United States Demonstration videos SLIMS is a combo LIMS+ELN, through the acquisition of Genohm SA in May 2018.[1][2]
Agilent Technologies, Inc. SLIMS Yes United States Demonstration videos See Genohm SA for more on SLIMS, a combo LIMS+ELN
Aiderbotics Corporation LabLog No United States Pricing and demonstration videos Product changed names from Elucidaid to LabLog in November 2017.[3]
Alchemy Cloud, Inc. Alchemy Yes United States Demonstration videos ELN-like integrated predictive chemistry platform with a few LIMS-like elements
Amphora Research Systems, Inc. CompliantPad, OpenELN,
PatentPad, PatentSafe
Yes United States
Arxspan, LLC Arxspan Notebook Yes United States Demonstration videos Acquired in March 2019 by Bruker Corporation; presumably now a subsidiary of Bruker.[4]
ATGC Labs, LLC ActiveLN No United States
Benchling, Inc. Benchling Notebook Yes United States Pricing and demonstration videos
Bio-ITech BV eLABJournal ELN Yes The Netherlands Pricing and demonstration videos
BiochemLab Solutions Electronic Lab Notebook No United States Pricing and demonstration videos
BioData Inc. Labguru Yes United States Demonstration videos Labguru replaced LabLife and BioKM on December 5, 2011.[5]
BioSistemika LLC GENEIO Yes Slovenia Pricing and demonstration videos
ChemBytes Espresso ELN No Switzerland Pricing
ChemInnovation Software, Inc. CBIS No United States
Collaborative Drug Discovery, Inc. CDD Vault Yes United States Demonstration videos
CompuDrug International, Inc. Laboratory Manager Plus No United States
Core Informatics, LLC Core ELN Yes United States Acquired by Thermo Scientific in March 2017, though still operating separately.[6]
Dassault Systèmes SA BIOVIA Notebook, BIOVIA Workbook Yes France Demonstration videos Dassault acquired Accelrys, Inc. on April 29, 2014.[7]
DeltaSoft, Inc. ChemCart ELN No United States
Dotmatics Limited Studies Notebook, eln.online Yes United Kingdom
eNovalys SAS LabBook No France Demonstration videos
enso Software GmbH ensochemLab No Germany
Findings Software SAS Findings No France Pricing
FindMolecule, Inc. FindMolecule No Canada Pricing
FORMULATOR Software, LLC FORMULATOR Yes United States Pricing
HiTec Zang GmbH eJournal No Germany
iAdvantage Software, Inc. eStudy Yes United States
ID Business Solutions Ltd. BioBook, ChemBook,
Yes United Kingdom
Instem LSS Limited Logbook Yes United Kingdom
iVention BV iVentionLES Yes Netherlands Demonstration videos Marketed as a laboratory execution system with LIMS,
ELN, and SDMS functionality
Kalliste Systems, Inc. Kalliste eSystems No United States Demonstration videos
KineMatik Ltd. OpenText ELN No United States Demonstration videos ELN formerly known as KineMatik ELN.
Labage SA benchsys-lab No Belgium
Lab-Ally LLC CERF, RSpace Yes United States North American distribution arm of ResearchSpace
LabArchives, LLC LabArchives Yes United States Pricing and demonstration videos
Labforward GmbH labfolder Yes Germany Pricing and demonstration videos Merger in May 2019 saw company name change.[8][9]
Labii, Inc. Labii ELN & LIMS Yes United States Pricing and Demonstration videos Combination ELN + LIMS
LabSpace, LLC LabSpace Yes Israel Pricing
Labstep Ltd. Labstep ELN Yes United Kingdom Pricing and demonstration videos Base version free to academia; Enterprise pricing not public
LABTrack, LLC LABTrack ELN Yes United States EKM Corporation was previously a distributor of LABTrack.
LabVantage Solutions, Inc. LabVantage 8 Yes United States Pricing and demonstration videos Seemingly integrated its eNotebook ELN directly into LabVantage 8 in early 2019.
LabWare, Inc. LabWare ELN No United States
Laurus Infosystems Pvt. Ltd. Chemia No India
Lex Software Solutions LabCloud Yes Turkey
Merck KGaA BrightLab Yes Germany
Mestrelab Research S.L. MBook Yes Spain Pricing and demonstration videos
National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases LabShare No United States
NoteBookMaker, LLC NoteBookMaker Yes United States Demonstration videos
Online LIMS Canada Limited Online Worksheet No Canada An ELN module for OnLIMS
Open source software solution CyNote N/A N/A More information found on SourceForge.net.
Open source software solution eLabFTW N/A N/A More information found on the project site.
Open source software solution eln N/A N/A More information found on the project site.
Open source software solution Indigo ELN N/A N/A More information found on the project site.
Open source software solution LabTrove N/A N/A More information found on SourceForge.net and the project site.
Open source software solution MyLabBook N/A N/A More information found on GitHub.com and the project site.
Open source software solution open enventory N/A N/A More information found on SourceForge.net.
Open source software solution openBIS N/A N/A Not a stand-alone ELN, but has an ELN plug-in. More info here and here.
Open source software solution sciNote N/A N/A More information found at sciNote, LLC.
Open.Co Srl Open.Co ELN No Italy
PerkinElmer Inc. E-Notebook, Signals Notebook Yes United States
Presearch, Inc. Colabra No United States ELN-like application for data integration and collaboration
Prog4biz Software Solutions Ltd. BookitLab Yes Canada
quattro research GmbH quattro/LJ No Germany
Research Innovations Limited RSpace Yes Scotland Pricing and demonstration videos Lab-Ally LLC is the North American distributor of RSpace.[10] eCat was phased out in 2019.
Sapio Sciences, LLC
Sapio-logo 145.png
Exemplar ELN Yes United States Demonstration videos Only Bronze package pricing made public.
SciCord, LLC SciCord Yes United States Demonstration videos
Sciformation Consulting GmbH Sciformation ELN No Germany Based off the open-source open enventory ELN.[11]
Scilligence Corporation Scilligence ELN Yes United States Demonstration videos
sciNote, LLC sciNote Yes United States Pricing
Seqome Limited ELNOME Yes Ireland Demonstration videos
Shanghai Integle Informatics Sci-Tech Co., Ltd. InELN Yes China
shazino SAS hivebench Yes France Pricing hivebench was purchased by Elsevier on June 1, 2016.[12][13]
Siemens AG SIMATIC IT R&D No Germany
StackWave, LLC StackWave ELN Yes United States
Studylog Systems, Inc. Study Director No United States
SunBio IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. SunBio ELN No India
Sycomore Technologies SAS LeadAnalytics No France Demonstration videos
Tas India Pvt. Ltd. TASm2m-ELN Yes India
Terrington York Ltd. Labsform Yes United Kingdom
Textco BioSoftware, Inc. Gene Inspector No United States
The Edge Software Consultancy Ltd. BioRails DM (which includes BioRails ELN) Yes United Kingdom Pricing and demonstration videos
Waters Corporation NuGenesis 8 No United States Pricing and demonstration videos NuGenesis 8 is a data management and workflow package
of applications, including NuGenesis ELN.[14]
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