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Vendor Key LIMS offering(s) SaaS
Key information Additional notes
1LIMS 1LIMS No Switzerland Manufacturing and R&D LIMS
AAC Infotray AG Limsophy LIMS No Switzerland
ABB Ltd. Knowledge Manager Yes United States Sold CCLAS LIMS to Datamine Software Ltd. in August 2019.[1]
ABI-Health Technologies Pvt. Ltd. ABI LIMS No India LIMS is part of the SmartLabs platform.
ABS Systems, Inc. PHIMS No United States
Actiz Optimizers Ltda. ActizLab No Brazil
Adifo NV BESTMIX LIMS No Belgium Former product Laboras now seems defunct.
Advanced Solutions Accelerator SAS 100 lims No France
Advanced Technical Software uniLIME No Austria Former product q/LIME seems no longer supported.
Advanced Technology Corp. VADDS, VETSTAR No United States
Agaram Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Qualis LIMS Yes India Demonstration videos
AgiLab SAS AgiLIMS Yes France
Agile Frameworks, LLC MetaField Yes United States Demonstration videos A field information management system for architecture,
engineering, and construction that contains a full LIMS module
AgileBio LabCollector Yes United States Pricing and demonstration videos
Agilent Technologies, Inc. iLab Operations Software, SLIMS Yes United States Demonstration videos Agilent acquired the iLab core facility management software in 2016.[2]
Agilent acquired Genohm SA in May 2018.[3][4]
AHP GmbH iQ-LIMS No Germany
AINZ Corp. LabFlow Yes United States Pricing and demonstration videos Cannabis-oriented LIMS; former product was PharmWare.
AiZen Algo Pvt. Ltd. LabZen No India
Alchemy Cloud, Inc. Alchemy Yes United States Demonstration videos Integrated LIMS+ELN predictive chemistry platform
Alcor SPRL CI-Master, LabTec No Belgium
Alpha Technologies US, LP Enterprise No United States
Ambidata Digital Innovation Solutions & Consulting, Lda. LabWay-LIMS No Portugal
American Technical Services, Inc. MOX No United States "Laboratory workflow and [metrology] management system"
with LIMS module
Analytical Information Systems, Ltd. AIS LIMS No United Kingdom
ANT Sp. z o.o. ANT LIMS No Poland
Aquatic Informatics, Inc. AQUARIUS, WIMS Yes Canada Demonstration videos AQUARIUS not marketed as a LIMS, but software suite has
extensive LIMS functionality. WIMS is a LIMS taken on from Hach.
ASM Soft SL asmLIMS No Spain
Assaynet Inc. Assaynet LIMS No Canada Demonstration videos Previous name for LIMS2010 was LIMS2003.
Asterian, LLC ArgoLIMS Yes United States See the LIS vendor page for QuikLIMS.
Asystance B.V. AlisQI LIMS Yes Netherlands Demonstration videos
ATGC Labs, LLC ActiveLIMS No United States
Aurora Systems, Inc. VisuaLab No United States
Autoscribe Informatics, Inc. Matrix Gemini, Matrix Express Yes United States Pricing and demonstration videos North American distributor/support team was
Zumatrix, Inc. until it was absorbed into new
entity Autoscribe Informatics, Inc.[5]
AX for Pharma North America, LLC AXP365 Advanced Quality Management No United States Pharmaceutical LIMS
BARTELT GmbH datalabX No Austria
Bassetti France SAS TEEXMA LIMS No France
Batalyse GmbH Mind No Germany Demonstration videos
Baytek International, Inc. cBLISS Yes United States Product line changed in summer 2017 with introduction of cBLISS.
Beijing Bio-LIMS Soft Co. Ltd. Bio-LIMS No China
Bentley Systems, Inc. KeyLAB No United States Pricing and demonstration videos Acquired Keynetix Ltd. and KeyLAB in 2019.[6]
BGASoft, Inc. LIMS ABC Yes United States
Bika Lab Systems (Pty) Ltd. Bika LIMS Yes South Africa Pricing Also available at SourceForge.net under GPL.
Bio-ITech BV eLABInventory, eLABJournal Yes The Netherlands Pricing and demonstration videos Neither is a true traditional LIMS; Inventory is a sample manager
and Journal is an ELN with the features of Inventory. However, both
have LIMS-like features.
BioData Inc. Labguru Yes United States Demonstration videos Labguru replaced LabLife and BioKM on December 5, 2011.[7]
Became an ELN+LIMS platform in late 2022.
BioFortis, Inc. Labmatrix No United States
BioInfoRx, Inc. mLIMS Yes United States Pricing and demonstration videos Animal colony management LIMS
Biomatters Ltd. Geneious No New Zealand Pricing and demonstration videos
Biomed Systems Ltd. LABA Yes England Pricing and demonstration videos Biotechnology and biobanking LIMS
BioSilicium SASU bs-LIMS No France
Bit Wave Solutions Ltd. Labsols LIMS Yes United Kingdom
Blaze Systems Corporation BlazeLIMS Yes United States Pricing and demonstration videos
Brooks Automation, Inc. FreezerPro, Limfinity Yes United States Pricingand demonstration videos Sample management solutions + LIMS
Broughton Software Ltd. LabHQ Yes United Kingdom Pricing and demonstration videos Was formerly SkySource Ltd.
Bruker Corporation SampleTrack No United States
BTLIMS Technologies BTLIMS, ALPACA LIMS Yes United States
Bureau Conseils et Services SCRL AQ Manager LIMS Yes Belgium Pricing and demonstration videos
Bytewize AB O3 LIMS, O3 LIMSXpress Yes Sweden Pricing and demonstration videos
Caliber Technologies Pvt. Ltd. CaliberLIMS Yes India
Cannabliss New England, LLC CannabLIS Yes United States Cannabis LIMS
Capstone Technology Corporation dataPARC No United States
Cerebrum Corporation LABdivus Yes United States
Cargotrader, Inc. Cargotester.com Yes United States
Carobar Business Solutions, LLC reLIMS Yes United States
CC Software, LLC Confident Cannabis LIMS No United States Demonstration videos
CellPort Software, LLC CellPort Cell Culture Suite Yes United States Demonstration videos
Clinical Systems Ltd. ClinAxys II No United Kingdom
CliniSys Group Limited Clinisys WinPath No United Kingdom Part of the Clinisys brand of companies.
Clinisys NV Clinisys GLIMS, GLIMS Genetics, and DaVinci No Belgium Was MIPS NV until September 2022.[8][9]
Part of the Clinisys brand of companies.
CliniSys, Inc. Clinisys ApolloLIMS and SQ Lab No United States Renamed from Sunquest Information Systems, Inc. on May 31, 2022.[10]
Part of the Clinisys brand of companies.
CloudLIMS.com, LLC CloudLIMS, FreeLIMS Yes United States Pricing and demonstration videos
Clyde Computing Ltd. Q-SYS LIMS No United Kingdom
Codon Software Private Limited Codon LIMS No India
Columbia Energy & Environmental Services, Inc. OmniLIMS No United States
CompuDrug International, Inc. Laboratory Manager Plus No United States
Computing Solutions, Inc. LabSoft LIMS No United States
Comsense Datasystems of Australia ComLIMS No Australia
Condition Monitoring International, LLC LabTrak No United States
Contec Group International Ltd. MADCAP Yes New Zealand
Cosine Consultants Ltd. Fission LIMS No Cyprus
CSMS Sp. z o.o. CS-17 LIMS No Poland
Dassault Systèmes SA BIOVIA Lab Management No France Demonstration videos Dassault acquired Accelrys, Inc. on April 29, 2014.[11]
Data Systems Integration Group, Inc. RevolutionDx Yes United States
Data Unlimited International, Inc. Starfruit GeneTell, IdentiTrack, and Toxicology No United States
Datamine Software Ltd. CCLAS EL and CCLAS 6 Yes United Kingdom Demonstration videos
Dataworks Development, Inc. Freezerworks No United States Demonstration videos
Dedalus Healthcare Ltd. Dedalus LIMS Yes United Kingdom Pathology LIMS
Deutsche Telekom Healthcare Solutions Netherlands B.V. LMS, SymPathy Lifecare No Netherlands Acquired Finalist Software Noord Nederland C.V.
and LMS in January 2019.[12][13]
DHC Dr. Herterich & Consultants GmbH SAP QM No Germany
dialog EDV Systementwicklung GmbH diaLIMS No Germany
DiData, Inc. Di-LIMS No Switzerland
Diversity Arrays Technology Pty. Ltd. DArT LIMS No Australia Demonstration videos
Dorner GmbH & Co. KG B/Lab, i/med Genetics, i/med Hygiene,
M/Lab, X/Lab
No Germany
Drishti-Soft Solutions Pvt. Ltd. cLIMS No India
Dynamic Databases, LLC limsExpress Yes United States Demonstration videos
E-BiOnary Technologies Pvt. Ltd. e-BiOnary A, C, M, and D Yes India Demonstration videos
EffiChem s.r.o. EffiChem Yes Czech Republic Demonstration videos
Elysia-raytest GmbH BioTrax No Germany Specializes in radiopharmaceutical LIMS.
ElmTree Systems, LLC ElmTree System No United States
Elmwood Solutions, Inc. Pure Harvest Yes United States LIMS-like seed lab software
Enable IT Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Ensō-LIMS No India Demonstration videos
entimo AG PhaLIMS No Germany
EthoSoft, Inc. X-LIMS No United States Pricing
Eusoft Srl EuSoft.Lab Yes Italy Demonstration videos
ExeVision, Inc. Materials Management System Yes United States
Fink & Partner GmbH [FP]-LIMS No Germany Demonstration videos Former product was [Dia]
Forney, LP ForneyVault Yes United States Pricing and demonstration videos
FourthSyte Consultancy FZ, LLC FourthSyte LIMS No United Arab Emirates Healthcare LIMS
Frontier Science & Technology Research Foundation, Inc. LDMS Yes United States Demonstration videos
Future Technologies, Inc. DNA LIMS No United States
General LIMS, Inc. General LIMS No Canada Pricing
Genesis MicroSystems, Inc. LAB-2000 No United States
Genetic Technologies, Inc. eDNA LIMS No United States Pricing
Genetrics, Inc. GEN-LIMS No United Arab Emirates
Genial Genetic Solutions, Ltd. iGene, Shire No United Kingdom
GoInformatics, Inc. GoLIMS Yes United States Demonstration videos
GoMeyra Corporation GoMeyra LIMS Yes United States Demonstration videos
GRÜN GQM GmbH GQM MES – LIMS No Germany Used to be stand-alone LIMS (Qualifax), but with acquisition now appears to be an MES with a LIMS module.
GTS Systems Private Limited GLab360, LabExpress Yes Egypt
GUS LAB GmbH LABbase, LABS/Q LIMS No Germany Result of merger between Blomesystem GmbH and iCD System GmbH on May 1, 2023.[14]
H&A Scientific, Inc. SLIM No United States Screenshots
Hach Company Hach WIMS Yes United States, Germany Demonstration videos
Harris Systems USA, Inc. Forensic Advantage Yes United States Placed under Harris' Caliber Public Safety division.[15]
HealthScion Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Labscion Yes India Pricing and demonstration videos
HM-Software HM-LAB No Germany
Hydro-Comp Enterprises Ltd. EDAMS-LIMS No Cyprus Power and utility LIMS
i2D Solution, Inc. i2DS LIMS No United States
Illumina, Inc. Clarity LIMS, Illumina Microarray LIMS Yes United States Demonstration videos
In-QM-Team Software GmbH WinLaisy No Europe Development taken over from inray Industriesoftware GmbH
in March 2019.[16]
Indusoft OOO I-LDS LIMS No Russia Demonstration videos
Infomed Kouvatsos Theodoros Ltd. Lab@link No Greece
Infonote Datasystems Ltd. Infonote LIMS Yes United States
Information Management Services, Inc. BSI, SEER*DMS Yes United States Pricing and demonstration videos
InfoTrak Pty. Ltd. Oil Commander No Australia Previous product name was InfoTrak Oil.
Innovatics Ky InnoLIMS Yes Finland
Instem LSS Limited Provantis Yes United Kingdom
Instrumentos Científicos SA NevisLIMS Yes Spain Demonstration videos
IntaForensics Ltd. Lima Forensic Case Management No United Kingdom [[[IntaForensics Ltd.#Demonstration videos and other media|Demonstration videos]]
Integrated Software Solutions Ltd. OMNI-Lab No Australia Absorbed Point of Care Solutions Pty. Ltd. and v-Lab in 2020.[17]
INTEGRIS LIMS GmbH iLIMS No Germany Pricing and demonstration videos Changed company name from CSS LIMS GmbH in March 2017.[18]
Interactive Software Limited Achiever Medical LIMS Yes United Kingdom
Interactive Technology Services, LLC LIMS IAL Yes United States
Interpec Corporation INQAS, INTRACES No United States
InterSystems Corporation TrakCare Lab No United States Demonstration videos
InVita Healthcare Technologies, Inc. STACS Casework, STACS Database Yes United States Acquired from STaCS DNA Inc. in May 2021.[19]
iVention BV iVentionLES Yes Netherlands Demonstration videos Marketed as a laboratory execution system with LIMS,
ELN, and SDMS functionality
J Street Technology, Inc. J Street LIMS No United States Pricing Formerly MSC-LIMS by Mountain States Consulting, LLC.
JusticeTrax, Inc. LIMS-plus No United States Pricing
jwConsulting GmbH jwLIMS No Germany
Khemia Software, Inc. Omega 11 LIMS No United States Screenshots
Kriti Microsystems Pvt. Ltd. Kriti LIMS No India
KVANT spol. s r.o. Evidence No Slovakia
L7 Informatics, Inc. L7 ESP No United States Demonstration videos Enterprise science platform/workflow engine w/ a LIMS
Lab Iconics Technologies LLP Lab Iconics LIMS Yes India
LabCloud, Inc. LabCloud Yes United States
Labforward GmbH Labregister Yes Germany Integrates with company's ELN Labfolder
Labii, Inc. Labii ELN & LIMS Yes United States Pricing and demonstration videos Combination ELN + LIMS
LabKey Corporation LabKey Biologics LIMS Yes United States Pricing and demonstration videos
LabLite, LLC LabLite SQL LIMS No United States Pricing
LabLogic Systems Limited Debra, PETra No United Kingdom Demonstration videos
LabLynx, Inc. ELab Yes United States Pricing and Demonstration videos
LabMaster.pl Sp. z o.o. LabMaster LIMS Yes Poland
Labmin (Pty) Ltd. Labmin, Labmin Lite Yes South Africa Demonstration videos
LabPro 2000 Ltd. eQual Yes New Zealand
Labs Division SL OraLims 2000i and 3.0 Yes Spain Demonstration videos
Labsoft Tecnologia Ltda. myLIMS Yes Brazil Demonstration videos Not to be confused with Odysis SA's myLIMS product.
Labstudio (Pty) Ltd. Labstud.io LIMS Yes South Africa Pricing and screenshots
LABTrack, LLC LABTrack LIMS Yes United States EKM Corporation was previously a distributor of LABTrack.
LabVantage Solutions, Inc. LabVantage 8 Yes United States Pricing and demonstration videos Products formerly called SAPPHIRE and SQL*LIMS.
LabWare, Inc. LabWare LIMS, LabWare GROW Yes United States Pricing and demonstration videos
Labworks, LLC Labworks Yes United States Bought LABWORKS from PerkinElmer Inc. in May 2016.[20]
Lenava Engineering Group Ltd. Lenava LIMS Yes United Kingdom
LETEC SARL Tetraed LIMS No France
Lex Software Solutions Manage! Yes (customer request) Turkey Screenshots
LGC Limited Kraken No United Kingdom
LIMS at work GmbH Labmatica LIMS No Germany
lims+WARE lims+WARE/ASP, /Networks,
/Results, /UNIX
No United States
Limseo SARL Solution Laboratoire No France
LIMSey, LLC LIMSey No United States
Link Group, Inc. LabLINK No United States
Locasoft SARL LIMS.FR Yes France Demonstration videos Product changed names in 2019 from Lims.net to LIMS.FR.
Logiq Innovations, Inc. LabPlus No Canada LabPlus formerly a product of LabPlus Technologies.
LogicaSoft SPRL Odoo LIMS Yes Belgium A LIMS built on open-source Odoo ERP
LTech Australia Pty. Ltd. Lims1 No Australia
Lyons Information Systems, Inc. LLMS Yes United States
M-Tech International, Inc. CAT2 LIMS No United States
Magentus Group Pty. Ltd. Evolution vLab No Australia
Malvern Panalytical BV SPARCS No Netherlands Previously known as PANalytical BV.
Materials.Zone Ltd. Materials Informatics Platform No United States Materials testing platform with LIMS-like functionality
Mci IT Pty. Ltd. Cloud Solutions Suite Yes South Africa Pricing and demonstration videos
MEDEORA GmbH BioArchive Yes Germany Pricing and demonstration videos Biobanking LIMS
Medpace, Inc. ClinTrak Lab No United States Clinical research LIMS
MedX International MedX LIMS No Uganda Healthcare LIMS
Megaware, Inc. LIAS No United States
Methodiq, LLC custom LIMS development No United States
Microcline Projects Labosaurus Yes Canada Pricing
ML Consulting Technologies, LLC WeLIMS Yes United States Pricing and demonstration videos Free quality control LIMS for small labs
Modul-Bio SAS MBioLIMS No France
Motto Systems Pvt. Ltd. GMPPro LIMS Yes India Demonstration videos
Mukon Informatics (Pty) Ltd. Skylims No South Africa Formerly Mukon CC. LIS marketed as a LIMS.
Myfab Myfab LIMS No Sweden
National Agribusiness Technology Center USALIMS No United States Pricing
National Cancer Institute caLIMS No United States Pricing
Nexactly AI Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Nexactly LIMS No India
Nexix, Inc. Nexix LIMS Yes Canada Designed for PCR
Nippon Control System Corporation SimpDoc No Japan Discontinued SimpLabo in May or June 2018.
Still offering SimpDoc, per company.
Novatek International NOVA-LIMS No Canada
Oasis Infotech Pvt. Ltd. EnviroLIMS EWM, LIMZ-RD,
No India
Ocimum Biosolutions Ltd. Biotracker LIMS Yes India
Odysis SA myLIMS No Switzerland Not to be confused with Labsoft Tecnologia Limitada's myLIMS product.
Omda AS Omda ProSang No Norway Biobanking LIMS
Online LIMS Canada Limited OnLIMS No Canada
OnQ Software Pty. Ltd. QLIMS Yes Australia
Open-source software solution Bika LIMS N/A N/A See Bika Lab Systems (Pty) Ltd. for more info.
Open-source software solution caLIMS N/A N/A See National Cancer Institute for more info.
Open-source software solution ClinViro N/A N/A More information found on [project page].
Open-source software solution GNomEx N/A N/A More information found on SourceForge.net.
Open-source software solution GNU LIMS N/A N/A More information found on the project page.
Open-source software solution LAMA N/A N/A More information found on the project website.
Open-source software solution Leaf LIMS N/A N/A More information found on the project website.
Open-source software solution MetaLIMS N/A N/A More information found on the project website.
Open-source software solution Open-LIMS N/A N/A More information found on the project website.
Open-source software solution openBIS N/A N/A More information found on the project website.
Open-source software solution OpenELIS N/A N/A More information found on the project website.
Open-source software solution OpenSpecimen N/A N/A More information found on the Krishagni Solutions Pvt. Ltd. page.
Open-source software solution Screensaver HTS LIMS N/A N/A More information found on SourceForge.net.
Open-source software solution SMITH N/A N/A More information found on Bitbucket.
Open.Co Srl ProLab.Q Yes Italy
OPTIMAL SYSTEMS GmbH enaio Laboratory Content Center No Germany
Oracle Corporation Oracle Health Sciences
Clinical Development Analytics
No United States
Orsyx eL@b No Israel Demonstration videos
Ovation.io, Inc. Ovation LIMS Yes United States Demonstration videos Company and product have undergone many name changes,
with "Ovation" the latest.
Oy Fision Ltd. Broadsight LIMS No Finland
Pardus d.o.o. eQMS::LIMS No Croatia
PART Business Solution GmbH PART LIMS No Germany
pdv-software GmbH pdv-lims 3 No Germany
Persistent Systems Ltd. ChemLMS No India Acquired from Agilent.[21]
Pharmaceuticals Systems International, LLC PSI Yes U.S. Pricing and demonstration videos Cloud-based application suite that includes LIMS
Phylum SARL Phylum.Laboratoire No France
PiControl Solutions, LLC PiLims No United States
Polisystem Informatica Srl Analisi No Italy
Pondpol Group The rapid family of LIMS No Thailand Five LIMS-like solutions covering multiple industries
Porter Lee Corporation Crime Fighter BEAST No United States
Process Solutions Canada Limited LDMS No Canada
Prog4biz Software Solutions Ltd. BookitLab Yes Canada
Progeny Genetics, LLC Progeny Clinical Yes United States Pricing Some pricing available for Clinical.
Promadis Pty. Ltd. Caseman No Australia
Promium, LLC Element LIMS Yes United States Pricing and demonstration videos
PRYM-SOFT Sp. z o.o. CleverLAB, PureLAB Yes Poland
PT Digita Scientia Indonesia OrbitaLIMS No Indonesia
QBench, Inc. QBench Yes United States Demonstration videos Transferred from Junction Concepts, Inc. in August 2022.
(Source: Personal correspondence)
Qualitype GmbH Abetter LIMS No Germany
Quality Systems International Corporation WinLIMS Yes United States
Quartz Imaging Corporation Quartz CH-, FA-, and RE-LIMS No Canada
Raddec International Ltd. Raddec-LIMS No United Kingdom Demonstration videos
Reston Stable Isotope Laboratory LIMS for Lasers,
LIMS for Light Stable Isotopes
No United States Pricing The RSIL is part of the U.S. Geological Survey.
Revol Software Solutions, LLC Revol LIMS Yes United States Pricing and demonstration videos
RockStep Solutions, Inc. Climb Yes United States Demonstration videos
S.G. Systems, LLC V5 Traceability No United States Manufacturing traceability software system with a LIMS module
Sapio Sciences, LLC Sapio LIMS Yes United States Demonstration videos
Satya Sistemas Ltda. Flux2 No Brazil
Scispot.io, Inc. Scispot No United States Biotech platform with some LIMS- and ELN-like functionality
Scigilian Software, Inc. Scigilian Yes United States
ScienTek Software, Inc. iStability LIMS No United States LIMS designed for pharmaceutical stability testing programs
and stability test management
Semaphore Solutions, Inc. Labbit, custom LIMS development No Canada
Sempai Consulting Ltd. & Co. KG scarabPLUS No Germany A pharmaceutical ERP that fully integrates a LIMS
Siemens AG Opcenter RD&L No Germany
Sigmen Technologies Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Sigma LIMS No India
Simploud Limited Simplab No Israel Pricing and demonstration videos Salesforce-based LIMS
SLCLAB Informática SL ALFA21, Zendo LIMS Yes Spain Pricing and demonstration videos
Sofcom (Private) Limited Spectrum No Pakistan
Soft Computer Consultants, Inc. SoftLIMS Yes United States
Software for Life Sciences BV LabScores No Netherlands Demonstration videos
Software Point Oy LabVantage Medical Suite,
Enterprise, and Express
Yes Finland Acquired by LABVANTAGE in April 2011.[22] C5 LIMS was renamed to
"LABVANTAGE Medical Suite" in December 2012.[23] Former products:
TasteBOSS and WilabLIMS
SpecPage AG SpecLIMS No Switzerland Previously known as Object Solutions Software AG.[24][25]
Spectra QEST Australia Pty. Ltd. QESTField, QESTLab No Australia
StackWave, LLC StackWave Affinity LIMS Yes United States
Stanford University School of Medicine MendeLIMS No United States
STARLIMS Corporation STARLIMS Yes United States Pricing and demonstration videos Formerly Abbot Informatics Corporation.
Suvarna Technosoft (P) Ltd. Suvarna LIMS No India Clinical LIMS
SynapticSci, LLC VetSci Yes United States Veterinary LIMS
TechWare Incorporated Logbook Discovery,
TechWare MainTrac
No United States
Telesphorus Consulting Ltd. gemLIMS Yes United Kingdom
TeselaGen Biotechnology, Inc. TeselaGen Operating System Yes United States Pricing and demonstration videos Bioinformatics platform with a LIMS module
The Edge Software Consultancy Ltd. BioRails LIMS Yes United Kingdom Pricing and demonstration videos
Thermo Fisher Scientific Core LIMS, Nautilus, SampleManager, Watson Yes United States Demonstration videos
Third Wave Analytics, Inc. Lockbox LIMS Yes United States Pricing and demonstration videos
Title21 Health Solutions, Inc. Cellular Therapy Solution No United States Demonstration videos A LIMS with a focus on cellular therapy
Trace First Ltd. CoreOne for Labs Yes Ireland
TraxStar Technologies, Inc. QATrax LIMS No United States Demonstration videos
Tribal Software, Inc. LIMS Lyte, Tribal-LIMS No United States
Triestram & Partner GmbH lisa.lims No Germany
Trilogy Group Limited TAPS No United Kingdom
TRUST Infotech Electronics, LLC TRUST LIMS No United Arab Emirates
TQ Technology Pvt. Ltd. TQLIMS No India
Uncountable, Inc. Uncountable Yes United States Demonstration videos LIMS- and ELN-like platform for chemical R&D
U.S. EPA Scribe No United States Pricing
up to data sales and services GmbH up2Lims No Germany
Valdata Systems USA, Inc. Chemical Management System Yes United States Demonstration videos Suite of modules, including a LIMS, for manufacturing
Veeva Systems, Inc. Vault LIMS Yes United States
Venture Development, LLC GoRev Yes United States Health information system with LIMS/LIS
Verisis A.S. CLIMS No Turkey Forensic LIMS
VertiQ Software, LLC CME-LIMS No United States Forensic LIMS
Vette EDV-Beratung & Entwicklung GmbH TransGraph No Germany Quality management software with a LIMS module
Waters Corporation NuGenesis 8 No United States Pricing and demonstration videos NuGenesis 8 is a data management and workflow package
of applications, including NuGenesis Sample Management.[26]
Wavefront Software, Inc. Wavefront LIMS Yes United States Demonstration videos
WESTcom Logiciels et Services SARL ARES No France
WireWorks West, Inc. FermWorks No United States Formerly operated as Jova Solutions Inc.
Wixon and Cross, LLC LIMFinite Yes United States
Wolfe Information Systems, Inc. Wolfe LIMS No United States Pricing
Xybion Corporation Labwise XD, Pristima XD Yes United States Pricing and demonstration videos Pre-clinical LIMS solutions
Yokogawa Electric Corporation OpreX, CIMVisionLIMS No Japan
Yro Systems Pvt. Ltd. MocDoc LIMS No India
Yullin Technologies Co., Ltd. LabMate Enterprise No South Korea
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